A new way to disinfect and kill viruses

Check out our Small Box UVC units

Our small boxed UVC units are perfect in size and convenient for any home, office, or business.
New to UVC units? UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 to 280 nanometers. It sterilizes surfaces and destroys microorganisms in the air, destroying half of the RNA and DNA in viruses, making them unable to replicate.

Our small unit kills viruses in under a minute. This boxed UVC unit fits snugly almost anywhere with a convenient power switch and safety light that turns off when the box door opens.

What can you use the small boxed UVC unit for? The small boxed UVC unit can conveniently disinfect common items like phones, keys, jewerly, pens, bottles, cosmetic accessories, and even face masks!
If you are searching for a safe, checmical free disinfecting alternative, choose the environmentally safe way to keep your family and peers safe.

Choose COVID-19 Clean Up's UVC small boxed unit to kill viruses in seconds. Priced at $575 each, shop our product here. For further questions you can reach us by calling 913-766-3092 or by filling out a form here